Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tributes and more

My business has evolved into a speech writing service
over the last months. I enjoy this work very much.
I hardly believe the success I have enjoyed through
writing for Worth Remembering Publishing as well as
private individuals contacting me for funeral service
speeches and memorial hand outs.

I still have several clients that use me for web content
and press release services, but overall, my clients are
in need of someone to help them put their feelings into
words in tribute of someone they care for.
It is truly rewarding.

I have put several of my tributes on my website.
Click Here

Thanks everyone, for your support.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Outsmart your competition.

Let Scribe Virtual Assistance Decrease Your Work Load.
Meet your deadlines affordably.
Professional, Confidential, Affordable Business Assistance.

What I offer my clients:

* Virtual office assistant
* Press releases
* Biographies, Memoirs
* Tributes, Eulogies
* Company Blogs and Forum Manager
* Proofreading & editing
* Website content
* Company manuals
* Research Assistant
* General correspondence
* Web Site Design
* Reports
* Business Correspondence
* Transcribing
* Meeting Minutes
* Word Processing
* Company Inquiries
* Order Fulfillment
* Research Assistance
* Ad Copy and Management
* Company Manuals
* Reports

As a client of Scribe Virtual Assistance, you are my number one
priority. I strive for perfection at all times in my work for
clients. Giving each client 100% is just who I am. I want to
leave my office each evening pleased with what I have given my
clients each day.

Let me help you with those tasks that keep you from the important
things. Whether you need me on retainer, or for a single assignment.
I am available for you. Do you need just one page of text for a
web site or a report? Do you need help dealing with long term
customer satisfaction surveys or company inquiries? Contact me,
we can talk about your needs. If you have too much to do, you
need me. Stop stressing and outsource with Scribe today.

Learn what it's like to have help, without hiring another employee.
Use my services as needed or we can work out a contract for regular
services. I care about my clients success. Let me help you too.

What is a Virtual Assistant? A VA is an administrative office
assistant brought to you through the use of phone, email,
internet and instant messaging. There is no need for additional
office space, supplies or benefits. Let me pick up the slack
and help you succeed. Small business owners are encouraged to
contact me. If you have too much to do, you need me.
See my Virtual Assistant Page for details.

Web Design:
Every company needs a presence on the internet. I know what
it takes to create, maintain and market your site. Successful
sites are more than banners and animation glitz, I focus on
creative appearance and sites where navigation is a priority.
Contact me to begin creating your web site today.

Freelance Writing:
Highly skilled in various freelance genre's. Including,
Press Releases, Brochures, Proofreading, Website Content,
Company Manuals, Ad Copy, About Me text and Research Assisting.
My greatest ability is in connecting with my clients as I learn
what they need from me. I write with your wishes in my mind at
all times. Contact me to discuss your needs, I'm here to help you.

This is an affordable way of increasing your professionalism
in business while saving you thousands of dollars in benefits
and salary for an additional employee.
See links in the side bar.
You need me, I can help. Contact me today

What I do for you.

Virtual Assistant
Contact me for your virtual assistant needs.

Administrative office assistance brought to you virtually.
Let me pick up the slack. Small business owners are
encouraged to contact me, I can help.
If you have too much to do, you need me
Scribe Business Solutions

Specialties: Office systems, Administrative support,
order fulfillment, transcribing, ad copy, content,
web text, web site design, mailing list moderation.

Are you overwhelmed with responsibility? I can help.
Let me do the tasks that will enable you to take care
of the important aspects of your business.
My services range from order fulfillment to general
correspondence, I help to ensure your success.
My 15 years as a small business owner, writer,
organizational specialist and designer qualifies
me handle your administrative needs.
Don't hire a full time employee for your office needs.
Let me help you keep your costs down.

Scribe Business Solutions provides
a means to delegate business administrative
tasks to a competent assistant virtually.